Damp Rid - Super Systems
  Damp Rid - Super Systems
Damp Rid - Super Moisture Absorbing System Moisture Absorber. The Super Absorbing System is an attractive, easy to use moisture absorber, designed for the home or office. With its attractive appearance it can be placed anywhere in your home. The Super Absorbing System creates fresher, healthier air. It eliminates musty odors caused by mold and mildew and reduces allergens which can trigger asthma problems and irritate the skin and eyes. The upper chamber features 360 degree venting to create superior airflow. The system is also designed with safety in mind. The lid locks firmly, preventing small children from opening it. It has a wide sturdy base and will not easily tip over. The lower chamber has a unique spill-proof design to prevent leakage in the event the container accidentally tips over. The Super Absorbing System is easy to use and lasts up to 60 days depending on temperature and conditions. The Super Absorbing System uses convenient, disposable refill packs. The product is environmentally safe, septic safe and will not reduce moisture to a level that could harm pets or houseplants. The Super Absorbing System is recommended for a variety of areas, including: • Living Rooms • Bedrooms • Kitchens • Offices • Laundry Rooms Entryway/Mudrooms • Bathrooms (FG90)

Price: $11.99


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